Applicants are selected from those who give evidence of possessing the intellectual capacity and the behavioral characteristics, which are consistent with the program of spiritual and academic excellence offered by JCA. We suggest that all prospective students and parents pray as a family and seek God’s leadership in the matter of enrollment at Jacksonville Christian Academy.

An interview between the principal and the student, accompanied by either parents or guardians if possible, should be scheduled through the office. At the time of the interview, a copy of the student’s transcript will be required. Other admission requirements include a good record of attendance and behavior.

Each student must have a copy of a certified birth certificate and their certificate of immunization (IMM-50), a blue card. Students entering K-5 and 6th grades must have an additional certificate (IMM-90), a pink card, as having proof of having received a second dose of measles vaccine. Upon enrollment approval, a placement exam may be administered for proper class placement.

Priority for admission to Jacksonville Christian Academy shall be as follows:

  1. First priority for admission shall be given to presently enrolled students.
  2. Second priority shall be given to Faith Temple Christian Center membership families.
  3. Third priority shall be given to brothers and sisters of presently enrolled students.
  4. Fourth priority shall be given to visiting church families.

Parents or guardians should be in agreement with the Statement of Doctrine and be willing for their children to be trained by those affirming the aforementioned Statement of Doctrine.

The privilege of being enrolled at JCA would prohibit the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or profanity. Immoral behavior and rebellious activity toward authority are also prohibited. Jacksonville Christian Academy strongly discourages attendance at off campus locations that are questionable or detrimental to a Christian witness. Other admission requirements include a good record of attendance and discipline. Any student that has been suspended or expelled from another educational institution need not apply.

The parent or guardian of each student must read the current year’s Parent-Student Handbook and be in agreement with the policies as defined. A parent or guardian’s signature is required to document such agreement, which will be kept in the school records. Forms will be provided for parents of prospective students to fill out and sign. When a parent or parents sign the application form, they are acknowledging their agreement of the prospective student to abide by the policies.

*Parents or guardians must present a report card of child’s previous term or work. A follow-up call may be made to the child’s previous principal. ALL new students will be on conditional acceptance for the first nine weeks.